Gluten Free at MetLife Stadium

Quick Guide to Girls Against Gluten Dining:

Celiac Safe Options: Yes
Gluten-Free Friendly Options: Yes
Gluten Free Menu: Yes
Peanut Allergy Friendly: Yes
Tree Nut Allergy Friendly: Yes
Soy Allergy Friendly: Yes

MetLife Stadium is the home of the New York Giants and Jets football teams. It also hosts other events and concerts. I have attended both football games and concerts at the stadium and there were gluten free options available at both.

There is a stand outside of section 144 called the “Gluten Free Grill”. The options that they had at the grill the last time I attended an event, were burgers, hotdogs, sausage (sweet or spicy) with or without peppers and onions and gluten free buns. The sausage is Premio brand. The burgers were Bubba Burger brand. The hotdogs were Thurmann’s brand. They use Udi’s brand buns. There is no other food that is cooked at the grill besides gluten free to avoid all cross contamination.

The grill also sells gluten free alcohol. The last event I was at they only had Spiked Seltzer brand hard seltzer water, which I am a huge fan of so was excited. For football games, I have been able to find Redbridge Beer and Angry Orchard Cider at other locations and levels around the stadium.

Be prepared to pay over $15 dollars for a sandwich and a drink before you go, but overall, the gluten free food and alcohol options at MetLife Stadium are much appreciated!

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