Gluten Free at Yankee Stadium

Quick Guide to Girls Against Gluten Dining:

Celiac Safe Options: Yes
Gluten-Free Friendly Options: Yes
Gluten Free Menu: Yes
Peanut Allergy Friendly: Yes
Tree Nut Allergy Friendly: Yes
Soy Allergy Friendly: Yes

Some may say that America’s favorite pastime is baseball, but I am convinced it is eating. Food is the sole reason I attend baseball games. I am not a huge baseball fan, but I love how stadiums across the country have caught onto accommodating those who eat gluten free.

The Yankees (not a fan) have a dedicated gluten free grill, “Gluten-Free New York Grill’, around Section 115. It is tucked back towards the entrance. If you are coming in at gate 6 it is right there. The number of options at the grill compared to the options at other stadiums I have been to, but it is better than nothing. The sausage is Premio brand and they have both sweet and spicy. They also serve Nathan’s Famous hot dogs that are naturally gluten free. The sausage and hot dogs are served on Udi’s gluten free hot dog buns. They also have burgers and veggie burgers.

I have been to this stadium twice and got the sausage sandwich on the Udi’s bun. The sausage is okay. It has been really burnt both times, but it tasted fine. For a $10 dollar sandwich, I would expect my sausage to not be burnt though. Although, I really enjoyed the Udi’s bun.

Redbridge gluten free beer can be found at the gluten free grill, but I had a hard time finding it in other stands at the stadium. That is disappointing because I wasn’t going to go out of my way back to the gluten free grill to get another beer. Other stadiums I have been to have this beer widely available (*cough cough Citi Field has it at almost all beer stands*).

If you are feeling daring and want to eat outside of the dedicated gluten free grill, then Bareburger can be found at section 132. Unfortunately they don’t carry their gluten free bun at this location, but you can request a burger without a bun. I did ask and their french fries and sweet potato fries are both fried separately and are safe to eat. The sweet potato fries definitely made up for my not so great sausage sandwich.

I appreciate the effort that Yankee Stadium has put to make sure that there are options. I try not to be picky since the list of food I can eat is not very long, but I do wish the quality of food was better for the amount of money that it costs. I probably will not willingly return for another mediocre stadium meal.

image2 (1)



Contact Information:

Address: 1 E 161st St, Bronx, NY 10451

Dishes: Stadium Food

The stadium does contain allergens so be sure to notify them of all food allergies to reduce the risk of cross contamination. 

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