Guide to Thirsty Thursday – Beer Edition

Thirsty Thursday is hard to navigate when you’re gluten free, but Girls Against Gluten is ready to share with you our guide to enjoying almost making it to the weekend. For those of you that don’t know, Thirsty Thursday is a weekly celebration that involves alcohol and also is my favorite day of the week. This week Girls Against Gluten is sharing with you all you need to know about gluten free beer!

If you think gluten free beer is gross, I am sorry. I was diagnosed with Celiac before I turned 21 so I never really had experience with gluten filled beer. Here are some of my gluten free favorites and recommendations.

Redbridge – This beer is my favorite. It is made out of sorghum which is a completely gluten free grain. One of the great things about Redbridge is that it is made by Anheuser-Busch so it is pretty widely distributed and not that hard to find at bars and restaurants.

Glutenberg – Glutenberg is an awesome brand. Their beer is 0ppm and tested by a lab. All of their products are gluten free and they have a big selection including blonde, red, white, APA and IPA. I enjoy the blonde ale the most because it is nice and light. It is more expensive and harder to find compared to Redbridge. It is definitely worth it when you can find it.

Daura Damm – This was the first gluten free beer I ever had. It is actually “gluten removed.” They do test each batch to ensure that the gluten content is less than 3ppm. I personally wouldn’t drink it again, but it claims it is safe for those with Celiac. Beware of any companies that say they are “low gluten” or “gluten removed.”

image1 (6)

If you are like me and have an autoimmune disease you should continue your Thirsty Thursday celebrations with a juice cleanse. Beet juice is great for the liver!

image2 (3)

Let me know what your favorite gluten free beer is!

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