Quick Guide to Girls Against Gluten Dining:

Celiac Safe Options: Yes
Gluten-Free Friendly Options: Yes
Gluten Free Menu: No
Peanut Allergy Friendly: Yes
Tree Nut Allergy Friendly: Yes
Soy Allergy Friendly: Yes

Bareburger is an organic burger joint that specializes in serving high quality ingredients and burgers. I have visited locations Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Montclair and Washington, D.C. They have all had different looks and vibes, but all have cared about serving my Celiac disease and food allergies the same.

There is no specific gluten free menu, but every item that is safe is marked with gf on the menu. They also have vegan options that are marked with a v. They do have peanuts in the facility that they use in their dessert items. I was told that they are prepared away from the food and as long as I did not order dessert, I would not risk any cross contamination with peanuts. I also have a sesame allergy and was made sure I would be safe. The locations I have been to did not use soy oil.

I recommend asking to see their allergen menu which is very extensive (screenshots from a few pages below). It includes a full list of everything on their menu with all ingredients and calls out the top allergens.

Their gluten free buns are Udi’s brand. Honestly I am not a huge fan of the brand Udi’s, but for some reason I LOVE them at Bareburger. I often have to ask my boyfriend to try my burger just to make sure it is gluten free because it tastes so good. Their sweet potato fries are my favorite. I do avoid the sauces they come with because they contain soybean oil, but the “special sauce” is safe! It is one of my favorite toppings to get.

What’s your favorite burger topping?


Contact Information:

Address: Multiple Locations NJ, NY, PA, DC, OH, CA

Dishes: Burgers, Fries, Shakes


The kitchen does contain allergens so be sure to notify them of all food allergies to reduce the risk of cross contamination. 

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